The Iron Hills are alive... with the sound of music! One of the most unique social systems in The Lord of the Rings OnlineTM: Shadows of AngmarTM (LOTRO) is our player-generated Music System, which allows players to train specific instruments and play their own music!

Getting Started

First, you'll need to purchase a passive music skill from your Class Trainer for a specific musical instrument. 

Next, you'll need to obtain an instrument on which to play. You can purchase an instrument from a Bard NPC or an Auction Hall, or obtain one from a friend skilled in the Woodworking profession.

Available instruments are:

  • Basic Bagpipe
  • Basic Clarinet
  • Basic Cowbell
  • Basic Drum
  • Basic Flute
  • Basic Harp
  • Basic Horn
  • Basic Lute
  • Basic Theorbo

Bards can be found at:

The Shire

Michel Delving: Gammer Took, Bard of Michel Delving


Combe: Janie Sprigleaf, Bard of Combe

Bree-town: Owen Oaks, Bard of Bree

Ered Luin

Celondim: Faellindiel, Bard of Celondim

Thorin's Hall: Steinn Silvertongue, Bard of Thorin's Hall

Gondamon: Malgannel, Bard of Gondamon


Rivendell: Fileglin, Bard of Rivendell


Giric, Bard of Aughaire


Pantlinn, Bard of Tinnudir


Hallam Comfrey, Bard of Ost Guruth

North Downs

Esteldin: Garchadron, Bard of Esteldin


Glân Vraig: Guleneth, Bard of  Glân Vraig

Now, simply equip the instrument by right-clicking it, and type /music in the chat window to enter music mode.


You'll be able to play an 8-note octave by pressing number keys 1-8, which correspond to do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do, respectively. For example:

Oh! Susanna

Stephen Foster, 1847

12355 6531 233212

12355 6531 233221

44 66 233212

12355 6531 233221 

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Eliphalet Oram Lyte, 1881
(posted for LOTRO by Boli and Fernelf)



888 555 333 111


Pressing shift and a number increases that note by an octave. Pressing control and a number makes that note a flat.


Author unknown

(posted for LOTRO by stamen47) 

5 ctrl7 8 shft2 shft3 shft2 shft1 6 4 5 6 ctrl7 5 5 ctrl5 5 6 ctrl5 2
5 ctrl7 8 shft2 shft3 shft2 shft1 6 4 5 6 ctrl7 6 5 ctrl5 3 ctrl5 5 5
shft4 shft4 shft3 shft2 shft1 6 4 5 6 ctrl7 5 5 ctrl5 5 6 ctrl5 2
shft4 shft4 shft3 shft2 shft1 6 4 5 6 ctrl7 6 5 ctrl5 3 ctrl5 5 5

Since the Music System was introduced, our player community has been busily translating songs into LOTRO-friendly format, so both novice and experienced music-lovers can take part in LOTRO's music community!

Incidentally, if you've just returned from a rough day on the fields of battle and aren't in the mood for a serenade, you can add a nearby musician to your /ignore list, and you will no longer hear any music played by that character.

  • You get sustained notes when playing music! Go ahead, hold those keys down.
  • You have three full octaves of notes to play with player music! You'll have to change your key bindings to access the full range. Hit ctrl-o, click "Key Mapping" and then scroll down to the Music section.
  • You can use /play to play an ABC notation (Google it!) file located in your My Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online\Music\ directory. Note that certain ABC features aren't supported - slurs, gracings, repeats, changing key mid-song, tuplets, staccato, among others. NOTE: If you can't find a My Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online\Music\, folder create one! Once the folder is created, you can add these .abc files into the folder normally.
  • There's an optional key mapping for entering or exiting /music mode. It isn't set by default, but you can set it to whatever you want.
  • You can enter and exit /music mode using the right-click menu on your own portrait.
  • Other players will not see music system errors when you're teleported while playing.
  • You can use musical instruments once they are equipped to toggle music mode.
  • Depending on latency, players are allowed to either synchronize their notes with the server, or hear their note instantly. The later option should be appealing to solo musicians.
  • Let the Band play on! Synchronized ABC songs! You can have everyone in your fellowship start playing a song at the same time. To do so, use the same /play command but add "sync" (but no quotes) to the end. For example, "/play awesome sync" will prepare to play the song awesome.abc. You won't begin playing until someone in your fellowship uses the /playstart command. A few seconds after someone uses the /playstart command, everyone who is waiting to play (using the sync flag) will begin at the same time.
  • ABC songs can end in either .abc or .txt.
  • There's a keybinding for stopping a currently playing ABC song. It defaults to '`' (the back-tick under the tilde).
  • The /playlist command. With no arguments, it will list all ABC songs you have available. You can optionally supply a filter as well. The filter accepts the wildcards '*' and '?'. For example, to list all songs starting with an 'a': "/playlist a*".
  • Chords! ABC files support chords of up to 6 notes.
  • "//" is supported in ABC files. It is the same as "/4" for a note's duration.
  • There is support for implied accidentals in ABC song files. In other words, an accidental on a note is applied to all subsequent identical notes in that measure, unless another accidental is supplied. You can change key within a song, not just in the header.
  • Due to music synchronization, ABC songs are not played immediately. Rather, there is about a 1 second delay before a song begins (and ends, if you cancel it).
  • ABC notation supports tuplets in the form of (p:q:r, which means play 'p' notes in 'q' time for 'r' notes. This can be shortened to, say, (3 for a triplet.
  • You can have multiple tunes in a single ABC file. In other words, we support the X: index field in an ABC file. When using /play, append the number of the tune you want to play. If you don't supply a number, the first tune will be played.
  • Dynamics support in ABC files! In other words, you can control volume within an ABC file. Use any of the following decorations in your ABC file, in order from softer to louder: +ppp+, +pp+, +p+, +mp+, +mf+, +f+, +ff+, +fff+. +mf+ is considered the default volume.
  • When you use /playlist, you will get a warning for any song which has duplicate X: tags.

For more information on the LOTRO Music System, take a look at the LOTRO LOREBOOK!

Also, take a look at the Music System section of the Official LOTRO Forums!

How do I turn off other people's music?

If other would-be composers are bothering you with their music, you can disable player music in the Options panel under Audio. Toggle the 'Player Music Volume' setting to your liking. 

Also, placing a person on your Ignored List (/ignore playernamehere) will mute any incoming music from that person.

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