DDO My character is stuck in the landscape and cannot move. What should I do?

If you are stuck and cannot move, please follow the instructions below:

Use the /stuck command. This command will teleport you a few feet away from your current location.

If this is not an option, or if this command does not help:

  1. While logged onto the stuck character, press ESC and click on HELP. From here you can submit a help request to In-Game support by selecting 'New Ticket'.
  2. Select the “STUCK” category and follow the instructions for submitting a help request.
  3. Make sure to add your current location in-game. To do this, type /loc or /location in your chat bar.
  4. Your current location will be displayed like this:  You are at: location here (string of numbers and letters)
  5. Copy this text by holding left mouse click and scrolling over the text. Once the text is highlighted, use the CTRL+C to copy the text. You can paste the text into the help request with CTRL+V.

A DDO Game Master will respond to your request as soon as possible.

  • Your character must be logged in for the GM to move him.
  • You may also use the /death command. This will bring you back to your last save position. In-Game Support cannot reverse any death penalties incurred from using the /death command.
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